GPmicro, Inc. is a privately held Nevada corporation whose mission is to provide high-tech products with superior ease of use to customers worldwide. The company was formed to market off-site data backup solutions such as online cloud storage, as well as dinKum™ , the automated data replication and retrieval software.

This database driven dinKum backup solution has its strength in almost limitless scalability and the ability to service millions of users worldwide. It provides the end user not just with a backup but also with a document management solution and easy data retrieval.

GPmicro, Inc. understands the trust that customers have when they choose to use dinKum™ data backup. The company’s culture is one of exceeding customers’ expectations for service and we are committed to protecting your data.

GPmicro’s servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center. The highest level of physical security is in place to protect your data. The data center maintains restricted security access to authorized personnel only.

Yes, dinKum™ backs up and stores your data off-site using very strict encryption standards (AES-256). This helps your company meet regulatory compliance needs such as HIPAA, SOX and others.

Your data backups are backed up at our end and stored on multiple devices for additional security.

WHAT IS dinKum?

dinKum – honest, genuine, real. Probably not, as is often claimed, from the Cantonese (or Hokkien) ding kam, meaning “top gold”. Most scholars believe dinkum was a dialect word from the East Midlands of England, where it meant “hard work” or “fair work”, which was also the original meaning in Australian English.  The derivation dinky-di means a native-born Australian or “the real thing”. Fair dinkum means “fair and square”, i.e. honest; true; real; genuine; can be shortened to dinks.


GPmicro’s dinKum™ data backup offers automatic one-pass restore, custom mapping solutions, data synchronization and data retention settings, reporting as well as up to 99 custom schedules per computer.

Available Uptime